Administration Guide

You need to configure the outgoign smtp mail server for Confluence first. If you did not configure the outgoing mail server, this app does not work. You can find the documenation how to configure the mail server here.

Installation & Licensing

  1. Log in to your Confluence instance as an administrator.

  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Atlassian Marketplace. The 'Find new apps' screen will be displayed.

  3. Use the search function to locate 'E-Mail this Page'. The correct app version will be shown in the search results.

  4. To start the app click on 'Install' and the app starts downloading.

Allowed groups

Select which groups will be allowed to send e-mails. If the setting is not configured, by default all groups will be able to send e-mails.

Allowed domains

Allow only specific domains that the e-mail can be sent to.

Send to groups

Add a extra option to send email to groups.

Configure custom CSS for the e-mails

  1. Navigate to the Universal Plugin Manager and select 'E-Mail this Page'

  2. Select 'Configure' 

  3. Click on the magnifying glass icon to select the Confluence groups that are permitted to send e-mails (alternative: you can enter the names and split them with a comma)

  4. Now click on 'Save'

E-Mail Stylesheet is a feature that needs some CSS knowledge to use. Some content on the page needs to have a different style while sent as an email. We can define a custom style for them using this option.


Here are the steps to create a custom style:

  1. Open the HTML inspector of the browser on the page

  2. Inspect the content to apply style

  3. Define a "CSS selector" for it (using id, class, attribute, or tag name).

  4. Test this selector by adding it to the CSS section of the inspector

  5. Add new CSS into the selector and check the result

  6. copy the selector and CSS into the app configuration and save it

Here you can see these steps for a confluence page: