User Guide

Send a Confluence page via E-Mail (e.g. as Newsletter)

The following section describes how the E-Mail this Page app can be used to share content even with people who are not registered Confluence users.

  1. To send a page, click on the 'E-Mail this Page' link, which is located in the top right corner of your page's options menu.

  2. A new page will open with the e-mail this page settings

Email recipients

Sender E-mail - Define which user will appear as the sender of the email. Domain must be the same as the domain in the SMTP configuration.

E-mail adresses - Enter recipient email adresses, users which will recieve the email.

Confluence Users - Search existing confluence users to be the recipients for the email

Send as BCC - When email is sent as BCC recipients won’t be able to see other recipients of the email.

Include mentioned users - Include users mentioned on the page as recipients of the email

Include users from comments - Include users that commented on the page as recipients of the email.

Advanced options

Subject- Create a custom subject of the email

Include breadcrumbs - In case the page is a child page this option will show all parent pages in the email

Include attachments - Include attachments on the page. Attachments can be manually uploaded or attachments that are copied and pasted on the page.

Add Note - Add a note to the recipient of the email. Note is included on the top of the email.





Email scheduler

Scheduled emails are now supported! Send an email at a scheduled time or use the repeat option that will automatically send an email repeatedly at a desired time. It is now possible to send an email every hour, day, weej or month automatically. Simply select the time when the email should be send and the app does the rest for you.